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Commercial-Residential Solar - Energy Arrangement-Efficient management


Reallocating your electrical expenditure  back into your budget  is what solar energy does for you. 

SEMS-Structured Energy Mobile System

Mission Critical energy when and where it is needed, STAT- Two models to choose from

SPGT- 3.5kw Plug & Play / Help offset your energy usage with a grid tied system 

 Or for recreational or emergency energy needs-

SPBB - 3.5kw On Demand Solar Generator with 5kw battery 

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JouleBox Energy

 Proud partner of Eco-Gen Energy-Evolving renewable energy one idea at a time.

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Tax Incentive & Rebtaes

Tax Incentives are set to sunset in 2019

for Commercial Solar installation in Charlotte

-30% Federal Investment Tax Credit 

- 100% Deductible Bonus Depreciation

-MACRS Depreciation

- Up to $50,000 Utility Rebate

- 25% REAP Rebate Commercial solar in Charlotte

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Why rent your power when you can own it?

Legacy Assembled

The Spirit of entrepreneurship-

Intuitive vision, skillful insight-

 Astute Investments today afford assurances for tomorrow.     Transposing Energy into capitol; By utilizing your electrical expenditure  as a longterm asset to spur growth is what Solar Energy Systems will do. Offsetting the initial upfront investment is what the Federal ITC-MACRS Depreciation & Bonus Depreciation, Utility Rebates are designed to do. 

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Solar An Investment Vehicle


 Creating profit centers, investment opportunities for companies to remain sustainable are what the SMB tax incentive tools are designed to do. Knowing how to navigate the how & when can be problematic in the spirit of  expedeincy, that is what we do. 

 Adding Solar Energy to your investment portfolio is a matter of simple arithmetic- Specific Tax breaks will begin to phase out year 2019- Incentive availability

30%- Federal Investment Tax Credit- ITC-

85%- Section 179 Tax Code- Bonus Depreciation-

MACRS Depreciation- Life of System 25 years-

 Frontloaded up to 75% in the first year 

Cash Flow Positive 5-7 years

Internal Rates of Return avg- 15%-28%

  Adept in solar energy tax advancement, Call now to speak with one of our advisors to learn how we can help your business grow.         

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About Us

Solar Interest Inc.

Solar Panels, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy

 Delivering energy efficiency for over 50 years. Since our inception bringing value in efficiency has always been our guiding principle. That is why we back your energy Investment with a 10 year Service & Maintenance plan and our exclusive 

   LifeTime Warranty 

 Bringing you the power of tomorrow today. Thats Power, That's- SIRIUS POWER

Professionalism You Can Trust

Solar Installation, Solar Energy, Renewable energy

From Residential to Industrial projects,  Sirius Power's installation team with decades of experience , offers nothing but professionalism and quality. Backed by our 10 Year Service & Maintenance plan & LifeTime Warranty, assuring you a job well designed & constructed to last.

Efficient Energy Management


 Since 1961, the cornerstone of our business has been our relationship with our customers. With our LifeTime Replacement policy, we have set the standard in quality and service unmatched by any other company doing business today.  Energy management and distribution has been our focal point since our inception. So the next step was easy for us in the investment of tomorrow with clean, efficient solar energy.



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