Investing in your families future has never been more affordable
Believing in tomorrow starts with positive action today.

~ Sirius Power ~

Professionalism you can trust.
We are NABSEP certified installers with over 25 years of combined experience.
We offer nothing less than quality & professionalism.
Backed by our 10 year service & maintenance plan
providing you and your family generations of abundant, worry free

• 26% Federal Income Tax Credit {lTC} Bonus Depreciation

• Utility Rebates- first come first serve 5% Referral Rebates

• LifeTime Warranty

• 10 Year Service & Maintenance


You now have the amazing ability to control your energy cost.

The cost of solar energy has been out of reach for most Americans, until NOW. Solar Energy cost have dropped an avg of 47% in the past five years. We are passing those savings on to you, bringing more value to your energy dollar.

North & South Carolina customers are expecting an average rate hike of 11% to 15% within two years. With the South East population boom, infrastructure upgrades, two new Nuclear Power Plants at a cost of 7 Billion dollars per plant scheduled for construction. Coupled with the cost of the coal ash clean up with a $750 million dollar fine. These cost are being passed on to you, their customer. NC & SC utility providers are raising rates and is expected to double in the next six years, now we know why.

Across the country some are already experiencing 18 to 27c kWh rates, we are next. With tax incentives set to phase out and expire . Why are you waiting to start taking control of your energy? The future truly is Solar Energy, the time is now. You are seeing it installed on your neighbors home and the conversation about solar energy is buzzing.

Now is the time to act, with 26% Federal Income Tax Credits Utility Rebates (ask us how) off the total cost of the system for residential there is never a better time to go solar. Utility cost will never go down, the cost of the Sun will never go up. Now has never been a better time to act. Do not wait for the incentives to expire. You can continue to rent your power or you can chose to own it.

Ask yourself one simple question...

"How do I want to pay for my power?"

The Positive Way

Sirius Power brings to you and your family a long tradition of helping your family, helping your neighbor. The cornerstone of our business has been our relationship with our customers. With our A+ BBB Rating & LifeTime Warranty, we have set the standard in quality and service unmatched by any other company doing business today. Energy management and distribution has been our focal point since our inception. So the next step was easy for us in the investment of tomorrow with clean, efficient solar energy. With our Referral Rebate Program we are helping your neighborhood grow one system at a time while generating revenue to help pay your system completely off in no time while generating revenue for your family budget.

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