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Hydro-Sil Efficiency


Hydro-Sil has been re-introduced with its 4th generation in Hydronic -

                     * Efficiency * Safety * Comfort * Savings

Save- A one-time purchase that should last you a lifetime. No future replacement cost

SAVE- No maintenance or service contracts - A NO MAINTENANCE sealed heating system.

SAVE- Save Hundreds on installation cost compared to traditional HVAC & Heat Pump Systems.

"HydroSil" Efficient Hydronic Base Board heater

Sirius Power is excited to re-introduce the Hydro-Sil Hydronic Baseboard heating system. With its silicone retentive fluid saving you hundreds in your heating cost. Hydro-Sil efficient baseboard heater-Safe-Comfort with LifeTime Warranty giving you complete peace of mind.


Hydronic Silicone Efficiency is Available 

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