Commercial Solar

The Spirit of entrepreneurship ~ Intuitive vision, skillful insight ~ Astute Investments today afford assurances for tomorrow. Transposing Energy into capitol; By utilizing your electrical expenditure as a longterm asset to spur growth is what Solar Energy Systems will do. Offsetting the initial upfront investment is what the Federal ITC-MACRS Depreciation & Bonus Depreciation, Utility Rebates are designed to do.

75% Frontloaded 200kw -100% Energy Offset
30% Federal ITC Applied
Bonus Depreciation Applied

Solar An Investment Vehicle

Creating profit centers, investment opportunities for companies to remain sustainable are what the SMB tax incentive tools are designed to do. Knowing how to navigate the how & when can be problematic in the spirit of expedeincy, that is what we do.

Adding Solar Energy to your investment portfolio is a matter of simple Arithmetic- Specific Tax breaks will begin to phase out year 2020- Incentive availability

26%- Federal Investment Tax Credit- ITC
100% Deduction first year with Bonus Depreciation
MACRS Depreciation- 5 Year write off
Frontloaded up to 75% in the first year
Cash Flow Positive 5-7 years
Internal Rates of Return avg- 15%-28%

Adept in solar energy tax advancement?
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